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New to the team, Connal has been learning about tattoos since 2017. Professionally tattooing since 2021, Connal has quickly adapted to the skill & pursues his passion through the history of American, Hispanic, & Japanese tattoos. Living all over the U.S. from the south to Hawaii & San Diego to San Francisco, Connal enjoys meeting new people from different backgrounds in order to give the perfect tattoo unique to you. With a background in studio art at SFSU, Connal has always valued giving something true that he puts his life towards learning. Whether it’s Japanese, traditional, color or fine line black & grey, Connal’s got you covered. Tattoos and experiences that last!


Reach out to him via Instagram @connalcreates or swing by the shop to say hello & take a look at one of the largest libraries of books & flash in San Diego!

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