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Jo Ann

Known for her colorful flowers, portraits, and versatile style, Jo Atwood has been tattooing professionally since 2000, when she started her career in New York City as modern tattooing began its firm hold on popular culture. She witnessed the transition of the old underground tattoo scene into the current digital age of limitless information and access, and although trained in the “old school,” continues to learn new ways of creating and executing beautiful, quality tattoos. 


A lifelong artist, Jo calls San Diego her hometown; and although she moved around as a small child in a military family, she settled in San Diego in elementary school and later graduated from Chula Vista High School. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from UC Berkeley, Jo moved to New York where she eventually began her life as a tattooer. She then moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where she tattooed and managed Urge 2 tattoo for eleven years, before returning home in 2013 to reconnect with family, friends, and community. 


To inquire about a tattoo, contact Jo with your ideas at the shop or via Instagram DM at


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